Facilities rental

  • Mounds View School District encourages the use of school facilities by District residents. When not in use by one of our own community education or school-sponsored activities, our facilities are offered to other local groups and organizations. Use of our facilities includes Boy and Girl Scout meetings and events, park and recreation activities, resident group meetings, youth athletic activities and special events of all kinds.

    To use Mounds View School District facilities, scroll down to view the Facilities Scheduling Brochure which includes information on:

    • How to Rent School Facilities
    • Fees
    • Food and Beverage Use
    • Hours of Building Availability
    • Custodial/Staff Charges
    • Liability Insurance
    • Facility Request Form

    Irondale High School facilities:

    Dwayne Waltower

    Mounds View High School facilities:

    Dan Skog

    All other schools/facilities:

    Barbi Grund