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Welcome!  On this website, please scroll down to find syllabi and information for Mr. Hall's classes.  There are also links to the class websites for students at the top of the page.  These websites are updated frequently for the students in order to provide them with information about assignments and upcoming events.

Assignments will be graded as soon as possible and put into the online gradebook.  The online gradebook will be totally up to date every Monday morning.

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1          Prep Hour

2          ARCC Chemistry

3          Physical Science

4          ARCC Chemistry

5          ARCC Chemistry

6          Physical Science


COMMUNICATION HOUR:   Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15




Link to College Chemistry Syllabus.



The Physical Science Syllabus is below: 

Physical Science, 2018-2019,  Mr. Hall



Welcome to physical science.  This course provides an introduction to physics (for one semester) and to chemistry (for one semester).  In this course, students will investigate questions central to physics and chemistry. Students will also develop their critical thinking and laboratory skills and will learn how to effectively communicate their findings and ideas.


Textbooks for course

  • CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Sciences (2010 edition) by Tom Hsu
    • You have the option of checking a copy out from the library or getting a CD from the library.
  • Conceptual Physical Science by Paul Hewitt
    • You have the option of checking a copy out from Mr. Hall or getting a CD from the library.


Course materials

  • A one inch 3-ring binder, with loose-leaf graph paper (for notes, assignments, and labs)
  • Scientific calculator: graphing or non-graphing
  • Pens, pencils, and eraser


Grading policy

Your semester grade will be based on the assessment of your mastery of course objectives.

  • 15%: Homework/Practice      (This category is called Practice on online gradebook)
  • 35%: Labs, Selected Assignments, Scientific Notebook Setup   (This category is called Project on online gradebook)
  • 35%: Tests and Quizzes  (This category is called Test on online gradebook)
  • 15%: Semester Final Exam   (This category is called Final on online gradebook)


Assessment retakes:

Students will be allowed to retake all regular quizzes and tests, unless specified.  Students will not be allowed to retake semester final exams. Students should schedule a time with the instructor outside of class to take a quiz or test retake.  Students should retake quizzes before the current unitś test and should retake tests before the next unitś test. Prior to a quiz or test retake, students must have completed all unit work and must complete a relearning assignment.  All re-assessments will follow the policies of the student handbook.


Grading curve:

A     100- 93%     B+   89.99-87%     C+   79.99-77%    D+   69.99-67%

A-   92.99-90        B     86.99-83       C     76.99-73        D     66.99-63

                            B-    82.99-80       C-    72.99-70%     D-    62.99-60%

Course policies


  • Assignments are very important for practicing the concepts being learned in class.
  • Assignments are to be ready to turn in at the beginning of the class when the unit test is taken, unless another due date is specified.
  • Students who have been gone for part of a unit may have a few extra days to turn in their assignments and take the unit test.  Students should talk to Mr. Hall in order to develop a plan for finishing a unit that they missed time for.



  • Please review the MVHS student handbook regarding policies and make-up work. You are responsible for the material/class work missed during an absence.
  • Lab make-up must be completed within five school days.
  • If you need to make up an assessment (quiz or test) you have two days from the date of your return to do so. Please see the teacher to make the proper arrangements.



  • Cell phones are not allowed during class and will be confiscated for pick-up at the end of the day.  Any unauthorized use of or access to personal electronics during tests and quizzes (and certain assignments) will be considered academic dishonesty and will result in a grade of zero.
  • The teacher is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.


Academic honesty:

  • Any and all work turned in with your name on it must be your own work.
  • Any work turned in that demonstrates plagiarism, copying, or manipulation (especially lab work) will be rejected with zero credit.


Class Website:



Communication information:

  • My email address is
  • My communication hour will be Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15
  • My office phone number is 651.621.7265
  • I will be available for help before school on most days and after school on most days. Whenever possible, please let me know of your plans to stop by before or after school.