Mrs. Marzen

Phone: 651-621-7196


Degrees and Certifications:

Biology BS, 5-8 Science license, 9-12 biology license

Mrs. Marzen



My name is Carolyn Hartmann. This is my 4th year teaching at MVHS and I love it! In all of my classes we use Google Classroom. All of my students should absolutely know how to access this site from any internet capable device. I will post all of my class notes and most assignments on Google Classroom for students to review/complete. However, students are given time to complete work in class so my students should have little to no homework if they are using their time wisely. I've linked my class calendar below which has a general layout of topics and timelines covered in general biology as well as quiz/test days and major assignment due dates.

Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns. (Email is usually the fastest way to get a hold of me).

Room# 228

Classroom Phone: 651-621-7196 (usually available from 7am-3pm)


Period 1 - ARCC Biology Support

Period 2 -  PREP

Period 3 - Biology

Period 4 - Biology

Period 5 - Biology

Period 6 - Biology


My communication hour is Wednesday @ 2-3pm.