District Equity Council

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the District Equity Council (DEC) is to engage community members including parents, students and alumni in providing oversight and support on Mounds View Public Schools' progress toward the achievement of our Equity Promise, by bringing community perspective to guide our policies and practices. The DEC will include active participation in the structuring, implementation and monitoring of the action steps of District equity work. Also, the DEC will serve as a resource in the identification of areas for improvement, reinforcement and celebration related to the performance of our students and the effectiveness of our equity initiative. The DEC will partner in setting District goals as well as the measurement, tracking and public reporting of progress. 

    Areas of Focus 

    • Move the District beyond tolerance and celebration to inclusivity, achievement and respect
    • Consult District on policies, programs, guidelines and practices
    • Create shared and committed leadership
    • Work to increase public confidence through school/community relationships
    • Inclusive curriculum and assessment practices
    • Promote school climate and the prevention of discrimination and harassment
    • Promote professional learning
    • Promote accountability and transparency

    In a traditional cycle of equity, community perspective shows as a reaction to the policies and practices implemented by a school district. The main goal of the DEC is to infuse community perspective proactively into each level of the equity cycle.  


    Role of DEC 

    1. Promote a mutual understanding and connection between the District and the community.
    2. Promote equity, inclusion and achievement in our schools for each student.
    3. Participate in creating District practices, programs and policies in equity education and hiring to ensure systems to progress toward the achievement of our Equity Promise.
    4. Actively create, coordinate and grow partnerships that engage each student and each family in boosting academic achievement. 
    5. Participate in data analysis related to student achievement, attendance and discipline. Data shall be based upon race, gender, special education status and eligibility for free and reduced-price meals. 
    6. Receive presentations related to various topics impacting student equity and inclusion in Mounds View Public Schools.
    7. Offer multiple perspectives and community voice on matters of student equity and inclusion and bias within Mounds View Public Schools systems and practices. 
    8. Participate in community outreach opportunities designed to collect information and address the needs of underrepresented or underserved families in Mounds View Public Schools. 
    9. Conduct reviews of programs and initiatives designed to enhance student equity and inclusion in Mounds View Public Schools.
    10. Partner with the District to engage community voice.
    11. Partner in developing community initiatives to increase student success.