Life Threatening Allergies

  • Mounds View Schools provides a safe environment for students with severe/life-threatening allergies while at school and during school sponsored activities. In order to facilitate this safe environment the Licensed School Nurse collaborates with parents/guardians, health care providers and school staff in the following ways:

    The Licensed School Nurse will develop an Individual Severe Allergy Health/Emergency Planfor the student in consultation with the parent/guardian, Severe Allergy Parent Information Form Licensed Health Care Provider, Severe Allergy Medication Authorization Form and student (as appropriate).

    The plan will include:

    • Accommodations to prevent exposure wherever possible
    • Intervention in the event of a reaction including administration of emergency medication: Severe Allergy Medication Authorization Form
      • Emergency Medication will be authorized by the Licensed Health Care Provider and approved by the parent/guardian in writing including a release of information for the Licensed School Nurse to communicate with the Health Care Provider. If the Licensed Health Care Provider uses a different authorization form that does not include a release of information, the parent/guardian will be asked to sign a release of authorization. 
      • Single dose/auto-inject emergency medication delivery systems (Epi-pens) are requested for students needing epinephrine at school. This delivery system is approved for safe administration by a lay person with training and support by the Licensed School Nurse
      • The Licensed School Nurse will assess an individual student’s ability to self-administer emergency medication

    The Licensed School Nurse will provide training to appropriate staff members and/or other persons (at the discretion of the Licensed School Nurse) including:

    If the student has a food allergy parents/guardians are encouraged to: 

    • Send a small supply of safe treats for your child to have in the classroom as an option if there are unexpected birthday treats, etc. in the classroom
    • Review with your child the importance of washing hands with soap and water or a wet wipe before eating
    • Remind your child to not eat food given to them by other students

    As appropriate, a letter will be sent to parents/guardians of the student’s classmatesrequesting that they not bring peanut and nut containing foods into the classroom.

    Changes to the Severe Allergy/Health Emergency Plan will be made by the Licensed School Nurse as appropriate in consultation with the parent/guardian and Licensed Health Care Provider.