• A variety of pests can affect students. To help prevent the spread of pests, we follow the guidelines of St. Paul Ramsey County Public Health to determine when a student may return to school.
    Please notify the school health office if your child is diagnosed with, or is experiencing, signs of pests. 

    How are pests commonly spread?

    Direct skin-to-skin contact with skin of/or infested personal items.

    If a student is identified as having signs of pests the health care specialist will likely check other students who may have had close contact. St Paul Ramsey County Public Health does not recommend checking larger student groups. Schools will notify parents as appropriate when new cases of pests occur.

    Because pests can be transmitted in many community settings, parents/guardians are urged to check their children regularly, especially for head lice.

    Eliminating pests in a household is often a time-consuming and frustrating process. More than one treatment and several “cleaning” procedures are often required. Various treatments are available.Treatment effectiveness is related to following directions for each treatment exactly as described. For head lice, removal of all nits found close to the scalp is important to prevent recurrence. School Health Care Specialists are able to provide parents/guardians with helpful tips for eliminating pests. For persistent cases, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their child’s health care provider.

    Mounds View Public Schools does not endorse any commercial product or service for pest management.