Equity in Mounds View Public Schools

  • In 2012, we established the Equity Promise:

    Mounds View Public Schools is committed to preparing all students for opportunities of their choice after high school, whether they choose college, a trade school, technical college, the military or employment.

    The Equity Promise states:IL playground

    • Programs and services will be in place at all schools to ensure that race, gender, class and disability will not predict students’ success in Mounds View Public Schools.
    • Student academic performance will not fall into patterns identifiable by factors such as race, ethnicity, English language proficiency, socio-economic status and disability.
    • The school that a student attends will not be the predictor of his/her school success.

    In 2020, we established a goal to update and renew the Equity Promise through the following strategies:

    • Establish a District Equity Council
    • Improve and enhance supports for people of color and other underrepresented students with a focus on college and career planning. 
    • Establish annual training for staff in the areas of anti-racism, implicit bias, equity and inclusion. 
    • Redesign curriculum and materials to be more culturally responsive and to include absent narratives. 
    • Review systems and structures for placement of students into courses. 
    • Review District policies and regulations through the lens of anti-racism. 
    • Increase the number of staff of color across our workforce.