The District Equity Council

  • Moving from promise to practice

    Community members, parents, students and alumni are rolling up their sleeves and coming together as part of a new oversight group called the District Equity Council (DEC). 

    It’s one of a half-dozen strategies designed to update and renew Mounds View Public Schools’ Equity Promise, which states in part that programs and services will be in place at all schools to ensure that race, gender, class and disability will not predict students’ success in Mounds View Public Schools.equity framework wheel

    Meeting monthly, the group actively participates in the structuring, implementation and monitoring of the action steps of District equity work.

    The DEC also serves as a resource in identifying areas for improvement, reinforcement and celebration related to student performance and the effectiveness of the Equity Promise. The DEC partners in setting District goals as well as the measurement, tracking and public reporting of progress. Main areas of focus include:

    • Creating an equity framework, including some immediate actions
    • Developing a long-term equity and integration policy
    • Establishing guidelines for staff professional development


    Get involved

    Equity is everyone's work. To learn how you can support the District Equity Council's efforts, contact Jason Knighton-Johnson.