Role of DEC

    1. Promote a mutual understanding and connection between the District and the community.
    2. Promote equity, inclusion and achievement in our schools for each student.
    3. Participate in creating District practices, programs and policies in equity education and hiring to ensure systems to progress toward the achievement of our Equity Promise.highview2
    4. Actively create, coordinate and grow partnerships that engage each student and each family in boosting academic achievement. 
    5. Participate in data analysis related to student achievement, attendance and discipline. Data shall be based upon race, gender, special education status and eligibility for free and reduced-price meals. 
    6. Receive presentations related to various topics impacting student equity and inclusion in Mounds View Public Schools.
    7. Offer multiple perspectives and community voice on matters of student equity and inclusion and bias within Mounds View Public Schools systems and practices. 
    8. Participate in community outreach opportunities designed to collect information and address the needs of underrepresented or underserved families in Mounds View Public Schools. 
    9. Conduct reviews of programs and initiatives designed to enhance student equity and inclusion in Mounds View Public Schools.
    10. Partner with the District to engage community voice.
    11. Partner in developing community initiatives to increase student success.

    Get involved.
    Equity is everyone's work. To learn how you can support the District Equity Council's efforts, contact Jason Knighton-Johnson.