• Translating and Interpreting Careers

  • Translator/Interpreter

    Interpreters facilitate communication orally between people who don’t share a language, in settings such as courts, medical settings, schools, or community-based organizations, or at home. Translators translate the written word from one language into another language. 

    Our Program

    The TRIN program is offered through our partner, the Karen Organization of Minnesota, to train bilingual individuals to be interpreters. Three levels of training are available and individuals can earn certification to begin working as an interpreter after level two.

    • Level 1

      Location Online
      Starts TBA
      Schedule 2 evenings per week for 8 weeks

    • Level 2

      Location Online
      Starts TBA
      Schedule 2 evenings per week for 6 weeks

    • Level 3

      Location Online
      Starts TBA
      Schedule 2-3 classes per week for 2 college semesters

    Getting Started