Facility Use Rules and Regulations

    • All groups must have an approved permit prior to facility use.
    • Groups using the facilities are restricted to the activity hours stated on their permit. Indicated set up and/or tear down time on your request form.
    • By accepting a permit, the applicant agrees to accept full responsibility for injury to person and damage to property during the time facilities are used under this agreement.
    • Outside organizations using the school districts facilities are required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance, confirming liability coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per person and $2,000,000 per occurrence. We also require that District 621 be named as the certificate holder.
    • An adult group supervisor must be present from the time of entry into the facility until all participants have departed. The leader must identify him/herself to the building supervisor present in the building.
    • Groups are responsible for setting up and returning rooms and equipment used the same location and arrangement they were prior to usage. Cleaning fees will be assessed if areas are left in poor condition. ($25 classroom, $50 fields/gyms)
    • Gambling and drinking or the possession of intoxicants within school buildings or on school property is specifically prohibited by law.
    • Food and beverages may be served only in designated areas and must be authorized in the building usage permit. Food permits are required if serving, catering, or selling food or beverages. Potlucks do not require a permit.  You may use our district Nutritional Services and staff by calling 651-621-6023. If not using our district services, you will need to call Ramsey County Dept. of Health at 651-266-1172 for a food permit.
    • Permit revision/cancellations must be requested two-business days in advance to avoid a no-show fee ($30.00). Permit times, facilities and equipment may be changed only with the approval of the Community Education Office.

    All building permits are subject to cancellation by the Community Education Department for the following reasons:

    1. Infraction of regulations governing usage.
    2. Failure to use a permitted facility for two (2) successive sessions without advance notification to the Community Ed office.
    3. Preemption by a government or school activity.
    4. An insurance certificate is not provided 5 business days prior to the scheduled event.
    5. Inappropriate behavior of any and all facility users (including spectators).