District Indoor Air Quality Committee

  • The IAQ Committe meets on a quarterly basis during the school year.  Role and functions are as follows:

    • IAQ Coordinator: The primary role of the IAQ Coordinator is team management.  The specific functions include 1) coordinating the IAQ team and encouraging a sense of shared responsiblity and cooperative effort, and to ensure the implementation of the Management Plan per MN Department of Education.  2) prepare for emergency response and determine if and when outside consultation is needed. 3) disseminate IAQ information, register IAQ complaints, direct the response and communicate IAQ issues and status to school adminstration, staff, students, parents, and media.
    • Building Adminstration and Maintenance Personnel: Ensure facility maintenance is appropriately planned and implemented.  Provide assistance in remediating IAQ concerns as they are identified.  Oversee IAQ concerns of staff and students.
    • School Nurses: To provide overall assistance related to health concerns attributable to IAQ.  Provide support in monitoring and recoginizing trends in reported illnesses that may give warning signs of IAQ or other serious health problems.
    • Environmental Consultant: Conduct baseline investigations and help remediate IAQ problems as directed by the IAQ Coordinator.  Conduct environmental testing...if warranted.  Assist in the development of the IAQ Management Plan.  Serve as the technical IAQ resource for the District.