Relearning & Reassessment

  • Force Copy Relearning & Reassessment Agreement


    1. Click the link above (it will force a copy)

    2. Rename the document with your name, class & the assessment name + Relearning (e.g. Ingrid Narum, French 1 4th Hour Unit 1 Presentational Speaking Relearning)

    3. Fill out Sections 1 & 2

    4. Do the required relearning (linked on Google Classroom)

    5. Share the document with Madame Narum (

    6. Talk to Madame to schedule in-person time to fill out Section 3 together (before/after school, ReFLECT, etc.)

    7. Meet with Madame, complete the agreement together and schedule a time to do reassessment

    8. Complete the reassessment after working hard to improve your learning! Impossible c'est pas français !