Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find my child's PIN number?
    You can find your child's PIN number in ParentVue under the student information tab. On the left side of the page, click on the "Student Info" tab. Scroll until you see "Miscellaneous Information." The PIN is a 5-digit number they will use when they pass through the breakfast and lunch line.

    Do I need to pre-pay or will I receive an invoice?
    Mounds View Schools has a computerized meal payment system that assigns a unique PIN number to each student. This number stays with the student from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The pin number is like a pre-paid credit card. Parents deposit money into their student's account and students enter their pin number on a keypad at the end of the lunch line. Click HERE for a practice keypad.

    Due to the USDA’s “Free Meals for Kids” program ending in June 2022, meals will no longer be free for the 2022-23 school year. Students will need money in their meal account for breakfast and lunch meals if they do not qualify for Educational Benefits. All students will need to have money in their meal account if they would like to purchase any extra food items or beverages. 

    How much are meals and other food items? See pricing HERE

    How do I deposit money into my student's account?

    You can add money to your student meal account online here via LINQ Connect Family Portal. You can also send a check or cash with your student to school. Your student will place the check/cash in an envelope with their name and PIN number written on the envelope and place the envelope into a secure deposit box or your student can give it to their teacher. Checks can be made out to Nutrition Services ISD 621.

    Meal payment system instructions

    Is there a fee to make a payment online? How do I make a payment?
    No, there is no fee to make an online payment. To make an online payment, visit LINQ Connect Family Portal. In your LINQ Connect Family Portal account, you will also be able to view cafeteria purchases, view account balances and set up email notifications on low balances for your students. 

    I have more than one student at a school. Do I have to write separate checks?
    No. You can write one check to Mounds View Schools. Please make sure each student's name and PIN are on the check. Indicate the amount that is to be deposited into each account.

    I have children at different schools. Do I have to write separate checks?

    My child brings a lunch from home and only needs to buy milk. How does he purchase milk only?
    A prepayment into the students' meal account is required to purchase milk.

    Can my student purchase other items using his/her PIN, such as a snack or a second lunch?
    Yes. Elementary, middle and high schools have additional food available to purchase. Second lunches may also be purchased. A second lunch price is that of an adult meal because reimbursements are not available. Pricing for Ala Carte choices, click HERE.

    What if I do not want my student to have any food other than a school lunch?
    You can call the Nutrition Services office at 651-621-6025, or email the school cafeteria directly to block your student's account from purchasing extra items.

    My student has a milk intolerance. What should I do?
    The parent/guardian can write a note or send an email to the school manager indicating their student would like the milk substitute, vanilla soymilk.

    My student has a food allergy. What should I do?
    Please read through the special diet information HERE.

    My student has left the school district or graduated. Can I receive the balance left in their lunch account?
    Yes, you can complete the Request for refund form and email to

    Can I make a donation?
    Yes, donations are accepted year round. Funds will be deposited into the school’s Angel Fund account. The Angel fund is a fund designated for students experiencing financial hardship and who do not qualify for meal benefits. Click HERE for a form to complete and mail your donation check to: District Center Attn. Nutrition Services  4570 Victoria St. N., Shoreview, MN 55126. Checks can be made out to Mounds View Schools.

    Unpaid meal charge and debt collection procedure
    Click HERE to view more information.

    Who develops the menus?
    Breakfast and lunch menus are planned by the Nutrition Services Coordinator and Site Managers. Input for these menus is received from many sources including students, parents, Nutrition Services staff, school staff and other school districts. All menus are planned to meet the Meal Pattern Requirements for breakfast and lunch established by the USDA.

    What are the meal pattern requirements?
    Portions are determined by the meal pattern requirements established by the USDA. The portions served provide at least one third of the RDA for key nutrients. Each month we analyze our elementary menus for nutrient content and publish the results on the menu.

    What are the menu standards established under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act?
    Here are the Lunch and  Breakfast Meal Patterns regulations outlined for all school districts.

    Are reusable dishes used in school lunchrooms?
    As a general rule, Nutrition Services utilizes reusable plastic serving trays in all District schools to serve students lunch. For environmental reasons, Nutrition Services staff try to refrain from using disposable dishes whenever possible, but there are occasions where styrofoam trays may be utilized. If a site has an issue with dish-washing equipment (hard water in this area is very tough on dish-washing equipment), it may require the use of disposable dishes. Additionally, if there is a temporary shortage of kitchen personnel due to illness, work is prioritized so that serving lines are staffed before the dish-washing room. The majority of school waste is paper, therefore our waste company processes our trash through incineration. This is an energy-producing system rather than sending waste into landfills.