• Open Enrollment/In-District Transfer

    With continued increasing student enrollment throughout our District, the School Board and administration have determined that there will be no new Open Enrollment offered in Mounds View Public Schools for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years.  Open Enrollment will be closed for the entire 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years so no wait lists will be kept.

    Siblings of students currently attending through Open Enrollment or Transfer will continue to be approved to attend.  Families with siblings must still apply during the regular open enrollment time period of December 1 through January 15, 2020.

    Open Enrollment Program - General Information

    Open Enrollment is a State program which allows families to apply to have their student attend a public school district outside the district in which they live. We welcome nonresident applications; however, interest usually exceeds space. Acceptance is limited each year to grades, schools and programs where nonresident student enrollment would not negatively impact class size. The resident population in the Mounds View Public School District has grown in recent years, and it is likely there will be sites and programs that will be closed to any Open Enrollment in a given school year.

    Generally, applications are taken from December 1 through January 15 of each year for placement the following September. Families are notified by the end of February as to approval/denial of the request. Students approved to attend are approved through the school area they've chosen up through graduation, with no need to reapply each year. Siblings of approved students receive priority placement, but families still need to apply for the sibling following the above process.

    All decisions outside of siblings are made as space is available for a particular school/grade/program by lottery from among the applications received. Families who are denied placement are offered the opportunity to request to be placed on a wait list in the unlikely event space would open up later in the spring or summer. Requests received after the January 15 deadline are also placed on the wait list. Wait lists are kept through early August, and then discarded.

    In-District Transfers

    As with Open Enrollment, new in-district transfer options will also be closed for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years, with the exception of siblings of students currently attending a school outside of their attendance area, families with verifiable daycare in the requested school area, or students with a documented and compelling educational need. Families with siblings or daycare must apply during the regular open enrollment time period of December 1 through January 15, 2020. Families who believe that their student has a compelling educational need must also apply during this same time period.

    In-District Transfer - General Information

    Residents of Mounds View Public Schools may apply to attend a school other than their home-assigned school as space is available. As with Open Enrollment (see above), applications are generally accepted from December 1 to January 15 of the winter before your student would begin. In-District transfers are offered ahead of Open Enrollment (nonresident) placement, as space is available with priority given to siblings of student's currently attending the transfer school, requests where daycare is located in the transfer area, and staff requests.


    Transportation for Open Enrolled/Transfer students is the responsibility of the parent. If the student has daycare in the requested school area, or if the family can get the student to the nearest school area bus stop, families may take advantage of District Transportation.

    Specific Programing (Open Enrollment only)

    Open Enrollment is offered as space is available once in-district placements are made. There is no consideration of academics, athletics, special education, etc. However, there are restrictions regarding some athletic involvement for transfer students at the high school level. You will want to contact the high school Activities Director to get details before accepting placement in a transfer District. In addition, there are specific special education programs that may be at capacity and thereby closed to Open Enrollment. You will be notified of any closed programs/sites at the time you apply.  IMPORTANT:  If your child is approved to attend through Open Enrollment and it is later determined they will need a specialized program that has been closed, the approval will be withdrawn.


    For additional information or to request an Open Enrollment or In-District transfer packet please contact (e-mail is preferred):

    Cindy Fyle
    Executive Assistant to Finance
    Enrollment Options Manager
    Phone: 651-621-6013
    Fax: 651-621-6026

    We appreciate your interest in Mounds View Public Schools.

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