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  • Integration and equity liaisons are available for translations and to meet the educational and cultural needs of students and families throughout the District. Click here for a directory. To secure a sign language interpreter, please contact your child's school.

Karl Brown

Karl Brown


Erin Matteson

Erin Matteson


Barbi Grund

Barbi Grund


Alan Post

Alan Post

Enrichment Specialist

Matthew Van Bruggen

Matthew Van Bruggen

District Performance Facilities Manager

Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Sue Peake

Sue Peake

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Jennifer Bruess

Jennifer Bruess

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Misti Van Laar

Misti Van Laar

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Jeanne Szurek

Jeanne Szurek

Meals on Wheels

Thomas Shannon

Thomas Shannon

Meals on Wheels

Schuyler Gillespie

Schuyler Gillespie

Adult Basic Education/Coordinator

Carrie Edwards

Carrie Edwards

Adult Basic Education/Administration

Ellen Barrett

Ellen Barrett

Adult Basic Education

Bonnie Donnay

Bonnie Donnay

Adult Basic Education

Sandy Ecker

Sandy Ecker

Adult Basic Education

Tonia Elbert

Tonia Elbert

Adult Basic Education

Dan Emmons

Dan Emmons

Adult Basic Education

Shana Erickson

Shana Erickson

Adult Basic Education

Brittany Franet

Brittany Franet

Adult Basic Education

Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson

Adult Basic Education

Erienne Nelson

Erienne Nelson

Adult Basic Education

Rachel Stiglitz

Rachel Stiglitz

Adult Basic Education

Vicki Svanoe

Vicki Svanoe

Adult Basic Education

Amanda Tall

Amanda Tall

Adult Basic Education