Fundraising Tips

  • Each group calculates the cost per student in different ways. How you calculate depends upon your philosophy of payment for this kind of educational experience. Things to consider in planning:

    • LEC allows 1 adult free for every 20 students in the group.
    • LEC provides a discount for recruitment of new schools – subtract 5 or 10% from the total LEC fees if you recruited a new school.
    • LEC charges extra for bird house materials, pop can fishing equipment, hard bound journals and dog sled rides. See our rates page.
    • LEC has reduced prices for students that qualify for free and reduced lunch programs. See our rates page.
    • How should I manage the money? A school district fund? A separate checking account solely for the trip?
    • Should all adult chaperons be expected to pay? Should some pay only a partial fee? (Some groups use the 1:20 adult:student discount as a way to reduce cost to each adult).
    • How are fees for teachers being paid? (some groups add the cost of teachers in their overall LEC trip budget and calculate that as a part of the student fee.) Some apply the 1:20 adult:student discount to pay for this.
    • Will there be scholarships for students that cannot pay? (some groups receive donations from Lion’s Club, Rotary, parent/teacher organization, or use fund raising dollars for this purpose).
    • What is the cost of the bus per person?

    How do I raise the money? Some ideas shared by other groups:

    • Ask parents to begin paying one year in advance – monthly payments
    • Have a jar located in the classroom where students can bring loose change from home to contribute in the jar
    • Hold a community spaghetti feed to raise money
    • PTO’s sometimes do the fund raising and contribute money toward the trip
    • Contact a local Dominos or something like that where you give away coupons that provide money back to your group when someone uses the coupon at the Dominos, etc

    Sell products to raise money:

    • Poinsettas for Christmas
    • Candles for any time of the year
    • Do concession sales at a professional football game in the Twin Cities – Contact the teams

    Visit for more ideas.