KP Information

  • It is LEC's philosophy to ask participants to take responsibility for cleanup in the kitchen, the lodge, and the cabins. Participation in these activities brings immediate awareness to the type and amount of waste humans create. When others take care of everything for us, we give little thought to how much waste impacts the environment around us. Participation in these activities creates greater awareness and teaches us to take responsibility for the waste humans create, both individually and as a group.

    Kitchen/Lodge: Cleanup is a simple task and takes less than 30 minutes of time per person. Nine students and two adults are needed to complete KP work.   

    A five student team in the lodge works together to:

    • Bus dishes to the kitchen
    • Collect food waste
    • Wipe the tables
    • Sweep the floor

    One (1) adult supervises the lodge team

    A four student team in the kitchen works together to:

    • Stack silverware, drinking cups, and plates in the dishwasher
    • Sort silverware into proper containers
    • Put all clean dishes away

    One (1) adult operates the dishwasher, power washes dishes, and supervises the kitchen team.

    LEC staff alternate in providing KP instructions. Each KP crew must meet the staff in the lodge 15 minutes before the meat The first Crew members on the first day are the Parent chapeones, so they can learn the procedures.

    Cabin Cleanup:

    • Cleaning instructions are posted in each cabin.
    • Cleaning products and tools are stored inside the lodge, they will be handed out to students after cleaning instructions have been given by Laurentian staff.
    • Each student volunteers for a particular job, such as washing sinks, toilets, showers, sweeping floors, or mopping the floor. All cabin members work together to complete this job.