Informed Consent

  • ____________________________________ has my consent to participate in a residential environmental learning experience to the the Laurentian Environmental Center (LEC) located in Britt, MN -15 miles north of Virginia, Minnesota. I understand the arrangements and believe that the necessary precautions and plans for the care and supervision of the students during the trip will be taken. Beyond this, I will not hold the school or those supervising the trip responsible. I give the personnel at the Laurentian Environmental Center and/or the group leaders permission to transport my child for education or emergency purposes. I also give permission for any photographs/video taken during the trip to be used for promoting or advertising LEC programs.

    I am aware that during this program or trip to Laurentian Environmental Center certain risks are inherent. I am also aware that particular outdoor education programs for which my child might be registered may be conducted in difficult to reach areas of the LEC site.

    In consideration of the above conditions, I assume these risks and release LEC, Independent School District 621, and the staff from demands.




    Signature: ________________________________________________
    Parent or Guardian if under age 18




    Signature: ________________________________________________




    Date: ______________________________________