Behavior Contract

  • Students are asked to keep two key words in mind at LEC: 


    The facility - With over 7,000 visitors each year, LEC asks everyone to take care of the facility (cabins, equipment, etc.) so it can be used by others throughout the year. Any damage to the property will be charged to the individual responsible.

    People - Everyone participating in an LEC program deserves respect. This includes teachers, naturalists, adult chaperones and fellow students. Keep this in mind and you are certain to have a wonderful time.

    The environment - Most of your time at LEC is spent outdoors learning and having fun. Demonstrating respect for the environment includes: not littering, staying on the trails, conserving energy and resources, giving animals space, and much more that will be learned during your visit.


    LEC is located in a wilderness setting. Dress appropriately to maintain warmth, dryness, comfort and safety. Keeping the word safety in mind with everything you do will make sure that you have an enjoyable experience. Areas of special concern for safety are: the waterfront, the woods surrounding the facilities, and rocky trails. Enjoy your time at LEC, but do so safely.


    If you fail to follow the above guidelines regarding respect and safety the following plan is immediately enforced by LEC and your school/organization staff.

    First Offense - you will be warned that your behavior is unacceptable and must change.

    Second Offense - will result in a phone call home to explain to your parents that you have been warned and this is your second offense.

    Third Offense - your parents will have to come to LEC to pick you up and take you home. I understand the above contract and agree to abide to the guidelines and the "three strikes and you are out!" consequences.


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