Student Packing List

  • Pre Trip Planning

    Planning includes making sure you have the appropriate gear and clothing for the LEC experience. Proper clothing, especially head and foot wear, is important because everyone will be outdoors in many different types of weather conditions. All gear must be labeled with the first and last names! 
    *While at camp, keep in mind that the right gear may not be "stylish". Clothing for camp should be about function, not fashion.*


    Be concerned with two general types of seasons when packing for the LEC experience. Winter (approximately November - April) and Spring through Fall (approximately May - October). Clothing and personal gear for these seasons are listed below. Please be aware that weather conditions can change rapidly in northem Minnesota and that it is often 15 degrees colder here than in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

    Packing List (All seasons):

    • Sleeping bag or bedding & pillow
    • Bath towel and wash cloth
    • Hand towel (LEC avoids use of disposable paper products, no paper towel is provided in cabins)
    • Toothpaste and toothbrush
    • Flashlight
    • Bar of soap
    • Flip-flops for shower
    • Comb
    • Waterproof boots
    • Underclothes
    • Shirts
    • Jeans or pants
    • Many pairs of socks (2 per day)
    • Cap (warm hat in winter)
    • Pajamas and slippers
    • Swimsuit for the sauna
    • Small backpack
    • Rain Gear
    • Water bottle

    Add for Winter (November 1 - April 1):

    • Long underwear (tops and bottoms)
    • Sweater, sweatshirt or vest
    • Warm hat
    • Scarf
    • Warm parka or coat
    • Snowpants
    • Three pairs of warm mittens
    • Warm boots with removable liners (Do not bring fashion boots, they are rarely warm outside of the house! Make sure the boots still fit your child, error on the side of too big (more sock room)!)
    • Many warm, wool socks 2-3 per day


    • Fishing equipment; barbless hooks
    • Camera (labeled)
    • Inexpensive binoculars
    • Bug spray
    • Bug head net

    Do Not Bring

    • Radios, i-pods, mp3 players
    • Electronic games
    • Food, candy, pop, chewing gum
    • curling irons, straighteners

    Note: Layered dressing is the best for staying warm in winter. It is important not to worry about looks, but to think about WARMTH!!

    Laurentian Journey Program

    You MUST bring a school-sized backpack and waterbottle! 
    **Students are encouraged to carry water bottles and use them throughout the day.**

    Adult / Family Programs - call LEC for a list!