• Middle School Activities

    6-8th grade programs
    Questions: 651-621-6020

    A variety of programs are offered throughout the year like Chess Club, Language Camps, Art Classes, Engineering Classes, and STEM.

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Middle School Intramural Sports

  • Fall Registration opens September 1st @ 9:00am:

    • Run Club (coed; no competitions)
    • Ultimate Frisbee (coed)
    • Boys Soccer
    • Girls Soccer
    • Boys Tennis
    • Girls Tennis
    • Volleyball I (coed; no competitions)
    • Volleyball II (coed)
    • Gym Games & Activities (coed; no competitions)

    Winter Registration opens December 5th @ 9:00am:

    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball
    • Fitness Training (coed)

    Late Winter Registration opens December 5th @ 9:00am:

    • Swimming - Monday/Wednesday (coed)
    • Swimming - Tuesday/Thursday (coed; no competitions)
    • Table Tennis (coed; Chippewa Only)
    • Floor Hockey (coed)

    Spring Registration opens December 5th @ 9:00am:

    • Track (coed)
    • Flag Football (coed)
    • Pickleball - Monday/Wednesday (coed; no competitions)
    • Pickleball - Tuesday/Thursday (coed)


Intramural Sports Information

  • Boys and Girls playing Flag Football

    Middle school intramural sports are a great way to engage in friendly competition. Athletes compete in individual, partner, or team events in a wide range of sports throughout the year.

    • All participants receive a free t-shirt
    • Practices held immediately after school; 2:30pm-3:40pm
    • Activity buses are available after practices for eligible students
    • Transportation is provided to & from all competitions; Guardian must provide transportation home on competition days
    • Intramural sports do not take place on Fridays or non-school days

    If additional finance assistance is needed, please contact your Middle School Site Coordinator.