Specialty Programs

  • Custom Programs

    LEC staff works with a variety of organizations (serving any age group) to develop a program to meet the group's objectives. Choose from a combination of LEC classes, outdoor skill/recreation activities, etc., to create the program you want. Reservations can be made by contacting the LEC office. 

    LEC Specialty Programs

    LEC offers pre-packaged weekend education programs for adults, families, and youth. Classes are sometimes offered for continuing education units.

    A number of weekend programs and summer camps at LEC are booked with groups that customize their programs. Examples are:

    • A school organized family event in the fall
    • An organization of quilters that come to quilt together
    • An organization "Creative Memories" scrapbooks
    • A high school careers adventure group - having fun in the outdoors
    • A high school orchestra retreat
    • Native American culture group
    • Wildland fires school
    • A high school cross country skiing group - leisure skiing all weekend
    • Minnesota churches
    • An outdoor leadership camp- involves hiking and camping in the BWCAW