School Programs

  • Students describe their Laurentian Environmental Center (LEC) experience as helping them to develop a memorable sense of “connectedness” that motivates them to approach studies and life in new ways.

    Classes & Activities

    Academic classes are 2.5 hours in length with 30-40 minutes of classroom time and the remainder of the time outdoors. Recreational classes are 1.25 hours in length and they are held outdoors. Evening programs are a mix of character actors that teach through games, storytelling and slideshows. 

    Programs for Groups, Companies, Families, Individuals and more

    • Family Weekends
    • Senior Camps
    • Corporate Training
    • Youth Hunting Programs
    • Facility Rental
    • And more!

    School Programs Brochure

    School Programs Brochure      

    Non-School Programs Brochure

    Non School Programs Brochure