• Elementary Programs

    Aimed at grades 4 through 6, the elementary program is designed to extend classroom learning in the subject areas of science, math and social studies. Students are challenged to learn math principles through practical applications that include compass, mapping and geo-caching. Hands-on science topics include lake, beaver and bog ecology, wildlife management and forestry. An Ojibway campsite is used as the context to explore indigenous social and cultural history and lifestyles.

    Evening programs supplement each day's learning with the entertaining use of storytelling and character presentations.

    Middle School Programs

    A popular choice for middle school groups (Grades 7-9) is the Laurentian Journey. The program focuses on skill development in leadership, team-building, interpersonal skills and problem-solving – using Nature as the context for learning. Reflection time and journaling are integral parts of the Journey experience, in which participants use orienteering, survival techniques, teamwork, and group decision-making to complete their "journey".

    Although a destination is used as a goal, learning takes place on the way. Students acquire skills that focus on process and learn that successful outcomes are products of applied process skills.

    Secondary Programs

    Designed to extend learning for Grades 10 through 12, these programs can be based on a Science theme, such as Trout Stream or Forest management, or Renewable Energy, or they can be centered on leadership and team-building. Programs for all learning levels can be especially tailored to teacher or School District objectives.


    LEC's curriculum are developed specifically for hands-on outdoor learning experiences and have been proven effective over our 29 years experience engaging young people in learning. Course materials and instruction methods for each subject area are consistent with Minnesota state graduation standards and the current body of knowledge in educational psychology. A listing of course offerings can be found on this site or in the Center's Program Planning Guide. Programs can also be customized to meet specific group learning objectives.

    Downloadable Planning Guide in the process of revision. Please contact L.E.C. for planning information.