• An Adventure Education Experience

    The adventure provides the learning and the learning becomes the adventure!!!

    The “Journey” is a program that focuses on skill development in leadership, team-building, interpersonal skills and problem-solving – using Nature as the context for learning.  Reflection time and journaling are integral parts of the Journey experience, in which participants use orienteering, survival techniques, teamwork and group decision-making to complete their “journey”.

    Although a destination is used as a goal, learning takes place on the way.  Students acquire skills that focus on process and learn successful outcomes are products of applied process skills.  It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.

    The Laurentian Journey is an intensive and engaging outdoor experience designed to challenge each participant to recognize individual abilities, to appreciate his/her importance in team activities, to understand his/her role in society, and to learn decision-making processes.  It is designed as a four-day learning experience for grades 7-12 with modifications for a shorter version.

    Participants in this program become responsible for learning.  They accept and meet challenges, make choices based upon survival practicum activities in the woods and grow from new experiences.  They become responsible for their own behavior, well-being, and at times, support.  

    LEC staff is very flexible and are willing to customize a program to meet your group’s needs.  The Journey can be customized according to number of days, your staff desire to teach portions, etc.