Bowhunter Education - Forkhorn II

  • Forkhorn II is for students who have earned their Firearms Safety Certification and would like to extend their knowledge and experience with bowhunting. Students can be certified as a bowhunter through the Minnesota Bowhunter Education Program (MBEP). A 3-D Safari Hunt will be held for participants to spend time in the woods shooting at various targets and utilizing the knowledge and skills learned throughout the week. Students will practice shooting each day for a few hours and will be able to understand the physics of their bow through the use of a chronograph.

    Classes include:

    • Bowhunting Equipment
    • Tree Stand Safety
    • Bowfishing
    • Backcountry Navigation
    • Ethical Hunting Practices
    • Shot Placement and Blood Trailing
    • Bow Repair
    • Experienced Coaching

    **Students must be 12 years of age or older and have passed a Firearms Safety Training Course to be eligible for this camp.

    Cost: $425 per person includes instruction, lodging, home-cooked meals and use of equipment. Parents may attend with their child at no additional cost. Students may bring their own bow for this program.