Bog Ecology

  • Availability: Spring  Summer  Fall

    Class Description:

    Minnesota bogs, "Nature's Pickle Jars," have taken thousands of years to develop into ine of the more unique ecosystems found in the state Throughout this session, the students will explore first-hand the fragility and uniqueness of the wonderful and wet area.

    Learner Objectives:

    • Students will be able to list 5 characteristics of a bog ecosystem and/or compare a bog to a forest ecosystem.
    • Students will be able to identify sphagnum moss and sedge plants and discuss their role in bog successional development.
    • Students will gain an understanding of the multiple uses for a wetland and discuss two opposing perspectives of an issue surrounding the bog.
    • Students will be introduced to a minimum of 4 plants unique to a bog ecosystem and will be able to discuss their specific adaptions for survival.

    Bog Ecology