Lake Ecology

  • Availability: Winter  Spring  Summer  Fall

    Class Description:

    Looking out on Arrowhead lake one would assume that it is a clean and healthy lake. Is that true? During this class the students will collect data on the lake and use this information to assess the overall health of the lake. As part of the process they will explore the "scientific Process" and how it can be used to evaluate the lake. This class is designed to run year round. 

    Learner Objectives:

    • Students will trace the flow of energy through a pyramid of life and demonstrate knowledge of interdependency in relationships to the roles of the producers, consumers, and decomposers in a lake community.
    • Students will assess the health of the lake based on indicator species found, pH, dissolved oxygen readings, temperature and general survey of the lake.
    • Students will explain how human impacts affect freshwater ecosystems.
    • Students will act as researcher practicing analytical skills to compound collected data and make an inference to the health of the lake.


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