Ojibwa Lifestyle

  • Availability: Winter  Spring  Summer  Fall

    Class Description:

    Students travel back in time to better understand the lifestyles of the Ojibway people. Through various activities, they will gain an understanding of Ojibway life before and after exposure to the European culture.

    Learner Objectives:

    • Students discuss hot the culture and values of the Ojiway people influences their relationship with the environment.
    • Students recognize that the natural world is an integral part of human life.
    • Students describe hot the Ojibway people lived a seasonal lifestyle.
    • Students explain how the Earth provides people with all of our natural resource needs.
    • Students understand how other cultures have contributed to the change of the Ojibway lifestyle.


    Ojibwa Village   Ojibwa 2

    Ojibwa 3   Ojibwa 4