Wild Munchies

  • Availability: Spring  Summer  Fall

    Class Description:

    Students will not only learn about plants that are edible in the world around them, they will gain an understanding of how to identify these plants using dichotomous keys.  After identifying a specific plant or tree, students will compile a brief description of the plant and its qualities; specifically, whether or not it is edible, which parts are edible, etc.  Students will then share this information with the rest of the group.  Naturalist will, as time allows, add additional information about each plant, and take the students on a short hike to find other wild edibles. 

    Learner Objectives:

    • Students will learn of the nutritional, organic, and survival benefits of wild plants,  Students will learn how wild plants gave rise to cultivated crops, and that plants are inextricably connected to the environment.
    • Students will learn to identify wild plants using a dichotomous key and field guides.
    • Students will prepare a brief presentation about the plant they have identified, including which parts of the plant is edible; if any; and other facts about the plant they have learned through using the field guides provided.
    • Students will sample a few types of wild edibles.


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