• About Health Services

    Licensed School Nurses provide services for students with any physical, mental or emotional health concern that may impact school attendance, participation in school activities and learning. These may include:

    Licensed School Nurse

                    • Severe Life-Threatening Allergy
                    • ADHD
                    • Anxiety
                    • Concussion/Head Injury
                    • Depression
                    • Diabetes
                    • Medication (changes and/or concerns)
                    • Mononucleosis
                    • Seizures

    The Licensed School Nurse develops Individual Health Plans for students and works with teachers and other school support team members (deans, school psychologists, school social workers) to provide appropriate support. Each Licensed School Nurse serves several sites.

    Health Care Specialist Health Care Specialists provide supportive care for students under the supervision of the Licensed School Nurse including:

                    • Students who become ill during the school day
                    • Students who have been injured
                    • Students who require medication administered at school
                    • Students needing assistance with day to day management of Asthma and Diabetes 

    Health Care Specialists also assist the Licensed School Nurse in maintaining a school health record for each student, tracking immunization dates and tracking infectious conditions reported to school.