Business and Personal Law

  • Syllabus


    • Unit 1: Ethics, Decision Making, and the Law - Identify the origins of the U.S. Legal System and explain the stages in the growth of law. Discuss ethics and the ways ethics are reflected in law. Evaluate the difference between rights and responsibilities.
    • Unit 2: Dual Court System - Basics of the American Legal System- Explain the different levels of courts and their powers and how legal disputes can be resolved without the court system. Recognize how our state court system is structured and identify the different courts with specialized jurisdiction.  Explain how the U.S. Constitution grants and protects our rights and explain how the power to govern is divided between the federal and state governments.
    • Unit 3: Legal Structures of Business and Implications - Identify the different forms of business organization and the pros and cons of each.
    • Unit 4: Government Regulations and Legal Implications for Businesses - Identify several agencies with the power to make and enforce laws and the implications for various businesses. Explore various agency websites.
    • Unit 5: Crime and Tort Law and the Personal and Business Implications - Explore the criminal justice system. Examine laws and enforcement of laws. Explore the penal system. Explore case law and implications. Special section: Focus on Juvenile Justice - culminates in Juvenile Justice Project. Understand the difference between a crime and a tort. Identify the four elements of a tort. Recognize the elements of negligence and identify common intentional torts. State the legal remedies available to a tort victim and explain how damages are collected. 
    • Unit 6 Contract Law - List the elements of a contract and describe the requirements of a valid offer and acceptance. Explain the ways that an offer may be terminated. Explore various types of contracts and practice contract negotiations.
    • Unit 7: Consumer Protection, Liability, and Credit - Explain the need for government involvement in the marketplace and recognize unfair trade practices. Understand the protection provided by product liability law and the warranties associated with sales transactions.
    • Unit 8: Employment and Labor Laws - Define employment and contrast it with other relationships where one works for another. Describe employment contracts and terms. Discuss duties imposed by law on employees. Explore duties imposed by law on employers. Explore contract termination.
    • Career Exploration (embedded throughout each unit)