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  • Prepare for life after high school in this hands-on, foundational money management course.  Learn how to achieve financial freedom and live independently by mastering the basics from budgeting and banking skills to investing. Key concepts include strategies to avoid debt, basics of insurance, credit and taxes.  Students will evaluate their financial options and explore the benefits of personal wealth management.  Course highlights include a financial computer simulation, visits from industry professionals and personal reflections projects.  

    Relearning Opportunities

    Students not demonstrating proficiency on a performance activity (quiz, test, etc.) have the opportunity to re-learn course content.  Students not reaching proficiency, should seek a re-learning experience from the instructor within 1 week of the performance activity.   After completion of a relearning activity, the instructor will review the activity with student before or after school or during a ReFLECT period to determine concept understanding.  At that time, student can complete an assessment addressing missed concepts in an attempt to reach proficiency. The reassessment grade will replace the original assessment score. Level of proficiency varies and is determined by the instructor. Proficiency is based on content, type of assessment, significance of the standard/learning target being measured and student circumstances.


    Classroom Resources:

    Virtual Business Personal Finance Simulation

    Stock Market Game

    Other Resources:

    College Scorecard

    The College Board

    Federal Trade Commission

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    Equal Interval Grading Letter  - February 1, 2020