photo I
  • Digital Photo I  (Earn College Credit)

    Digital Photo 1 is an introductory course which will focus on incorporating the principles and elements of art into digital photography.  Students will gain an understanding of how digital cameras work, the history of photography, photoshop CS5 editing basics, and photography career choices.  A discussion and focus on composition will be used throughout the course, giving students an opportunity to develop a better visual awareness of their surroundings.

    Articulated College Credit Requirments 

    Articulation: Articulated high school courses require an attainment of skills and content covered in parallel college courses.  In order to eliminate the duplication of learning, an articulation agreement is completed between a high school and a college. High school and college articulated credits can be earned simultaneously if the student achieves a grade of B or higher and also has completed the enrollment process at the community college.

    Why explore opportunities through Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • Earn Technical or Community college credits (Articulated College Credit) in 10, 11, 12 grades
    • Stay in your own high school with your friends and the teachers you already know
    • Explore career opportunities through high school courses
    • Complete your college program sooner, save time and money
    • Choose a specific Technical or Community College career program or a major that may lead to transfer options to a university

    How do I get Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • See your registration guide for the Articulated College Credit classes your high school is currently offering.
    • If these classes fit your interests and career goals, or if you want to explore the career field-choose in one of these classes.
    • Then, ask your teacher how you can get Articulated College Credit.

    What do I do with the Articulated College Credit (ACC)?

    • Keep the Articulated College Credit certificate(s) in a safe place until you are ready to register for college
    • Bring the certificate to one of the colleges listed and enroll in a career program or major
    • check with the college records office as they may have a procedure to follow

    Where can I use the credit?

    • Bring your printed certificate and letter when registering as a college listed on your certificate to receive the credit(s) earned.  Other colleges MAY honor the credits.  
    • You must always check with the college or university of your choice for specific criteria in a program or major- not all credits will move into all programs majors.