Irondale Computer Lab

  • PC Lab - Room 340

    Facilities in the lab: 37 workstations, a video projector, and printer.

    Seating Chart 
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    A schedule for Computer Labs is available here.
    IMPORTANT: make sure to select the 'PC Lab (340)' tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

    To sign-up for lab time, contact Aaron Blechert (x6967, x6807) in the IMC.

    Installed Applications

    Adobe Design CS5
    Adobe Reader X
    Audacity 2.0
    Fathom 2
    Finale NotePad 2007
    Green Globs
    Google Chrome
    Google Earth
    Geometer Sketchpad 4.0
    HRW German
    Inspiration 7.5
    Internet Explorer 8
    Microsoft Office 2003
    Movie Maker 5.1
    Mozilla Firefox 10
    PaintNET 3.5
    VLC player 2.0
    Windows Media Player 6.4

    Network Applications

    American Vision
    Expert 21
    Exploring Food and Fitness
    Human Sexuality 1
    Math Tutorials
    Read & Write Gold
    REA's TESTware for the AP Psychology
    Sleep Cycle
    SMART Ink Document Viewer
    SMART Notebook 11

Computer Login - Novell Clients

  • Student account passwords are reset at the beginning of each school year. To activate or change a student's Active Directory network password visit (see a staff member for the default password), or log onto a school PC and select the MV Password Portal shortcut on the desktop. After the initial login, you may need to answer security questions before you can change your password. If you are unable to successfuly create your password on your first attempt, you may find your account dissabled, which will require you to seek technical assistance from a staff member to reset your password.

    Click here to Learn more Computer Lab Basics with a how-to presentation.

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Lab Tip

  • If the web page you are visiting does not load or work properly — try a different browser. Avoid MS Explorer, make it your last choice.


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