Foods B Calendar

Foods B Course Syllabus

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  • Unit 1: Introduction

    • Safety in the kitchen
    • Kitchen organization-Dinner Impossible
    • Kitchen Principles
    • Measuring 

    Recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Unit 2:  Baking

     Recipe: Easy Banana Bread, Another good recipe

                 Cinnamon Rolls

    Unit 3: Cakes & Frosting

    • Good Eats: A Cake on Every Plate
    • Good Eats: The Ice Man Commeth
    • Cake Cutting Guide


    Recipe: Frostings

                Cheese Cake


    Unit 4: Supermarket Savvy Shopping


    • Aisles of Persuasion
    • Brand Loyalty Ladder notes
    • Good Eats: Three Chips for Sister Marsha notes
    • Business Close-up Readings


    Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Recipe: 'Scratch' Celebration Fudgey Brownies

    Unit 4:  Soups and Stews

    Unit 5:  Sugar

    Unit 6:  Kitchen Equipment/Appliance Demonstration—Deep Fat Frying

    Unit 7:  Vegetarian Identity

    Unit 8:  Food and Fitness--Beverages

    Unit 9: Meal/Menu Planning

    Unit 10: Careers in the Foods Industry/Restaurant Impossible