Concert Attendance Policy

  • If a performance is missed due to an illness, an assignment will need to be completed in order to receive credit. The make-up assignment may include listening to the concert and reflecting or a poster/paper project or individual performance. Make-up work must be completed one week from the concert performance date.


    If a performance is missed due to a pre-scheduled, non-Irondale event, students must bring in a written note from a parent/guardian two weeks prior to the concert date and complete the make-up assignment.


Concert Attire

  • Concert Attire

    Irondale Orchestra musicians dress up for performances to look as good as they sound!

    Concert Attire Options


    Concert Attire: All Black (*Black suits available for Symphony members)

    Acceptable Attire

    Black pants (no jeans)

    Long black dress/skirt below the knees

    Long sleeved black collared shirt w/tie of any color

    Black dress shirt  (no bare shoulders or backs)

    Black socks

    Black dress shoes

     What you are wearing should not take away from the music or distract the audience members. If you have questions about what you can wear, please see Ms. Arnold.