Advanced Placement

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) AP Exam Update

    All students and families should visit the College Board AP Coronavirus Updates webpage for important information about this year’s AP exams.


    Students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home.  

    *AP EXAM SCHEDULE MAY 11th – 22nd

    AP Exam Dates and Times: 

    The College Board New Online At Home AP Exam Schedule includes details on exam dates and times, what's covered and what's not, the types of questions that may be asked, how those questions will be weighted, and more. 

    MOUNDS VIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT AP EXAM SCHEDULE:  Students in the Mounds View School District testing in Minnesota will use this AP Exam Schedule.  The times students will test in Minnesota are 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time).  Students are asked to log in and click on their ticket to open the exam 30 minutes before the start of the exam in order to complete pre-test information.  

    PLEASE NOTE:  As a result of the new, shortened, online, at home testing schedule, PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED LATE TESTING DATES NO LONGER APPLY.  Students that previously had a testing date conflict with two exams in one day, according to our face to face exam schedule, and were rescheduled to an alternate late testing date will now be taking ALL exams during the new regular scheduled dates May 11th– 22nd.  According to College Board, it is in the best interest for students to take all of their exams during the regular testing schedule to ensure a successful at home digital testing experience.  As a result, we will not be rescheduling students with more than one exam on the same day to the late testing schedule. 


    MAY 28th – College Board will send an email to AP students who submitted a makeup exam request during the primary testing window.  

    JUNE 1st – 5th – is the College Board Makeup AP Exam Schedule.  AP students who've been scheduled for a makeup exam will automatically receive an email from College Board containing their unique makeup exam e-ticket two days prior to each of their exams.


    New Exam Format:  Exams will be online, 50 minutes or less with free response questions only. Course specific exam information is available on the College Board Coronovirus Update webpage (below the exam schedule).

    AP Exam Demo:  AP students should use the click through exam demo to practice for the different ways to submit their exam responses. IT IS IMPORTANT that ALL students COMPLETE this preparation step.  The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If students can’t access the demo or have trouble submitting, page 51 of the Testing Guide can help them troubleshoot.

    AP 2020 Exam Walkthrough Video:    We encourage all students to view this short 4 minute introductory video which will walk students through the AP 2020 Exams Process and give students tips. 

    2020 AP Testing Guide:   Students should read the detailed information in this guide to understand more about the AP exam e-ticket, five steps to take before test day, understanding the test day experience, exam scores, credit, and placement. 

    2020 AP Exam Day Checklist:  AP has put together a checklist of tasks students should complete before, during, and after the AP Exam to ensure success.

    2020 AP Exam Day Documents: On this page, students will find documents they will need on exam day.  Students may print them or download them to have available electronically while testing. 

    AP Online Classes and Review Sessions prep week: The week before exams, online AP classes will focus on the exam day experience and sample exam questions. 

    Student Guide to Practice Questions

    Tips for Success on Open Book/Open Note Exams

    AP Exam Security

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

    Updating Student College Board Account Instructions 

    College Board Parent Webinar "Helping Your Student Prepare for AP Exams"

    Additional Exam Specific Information:

    AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams:  will be administered using a new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App. Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. College Board will email students and their teachers to let them know when the app is available to download. Visit the College Board AP World Language website for more details. A video walk-through of the test-taking experience will be available the week of May 4.

    Information for AP Music Theory Exams:  Before exam day, students will need to print or hand-copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet and gain access to an audio recording app or software before exam day. Please see more information on the website.

    Information for AP Studio Arts and Computer Science Principles:  The deadline for digital submission of Artwork or Performance Questions in the Digital Portfolio is May 26, 10:59 p.m.


    Students with approved College Board AP Exam accommodations, and their parents, should review the College Board Accommodations for 2020 Exams specific information on how accommodations will be used on their upcoming AP exam(s).

    To check the details of a student's approved accommodation, parents or students can sign in to the Big Future site using the username and password for the student's College Board account.


    Indicate Free AP Score Report Recipient BY JUNE 20th, 2020:

    Each year that students take exams, they have the opportunity to send one free AP score report to a college, university or scholarship program of their choice.  Students need to indicate the recipient of their free score report in their College Board MyAP account.  The deadline to indicate the free score report in MyAP is June 20, 2020. 

    To indicate the students free AP score report recipient:

    1) student should log in to their College Board MyAP account.

    2) select the MyAP Profile link.

    3) select the Score Send tab.

    4) start entering the college name in the Search field where student wants to send the score report.*

    5) from the list that shows up, select the college location where score report should be sent.

    6) select Save.

    *NOTE:  if a student is enrolled in ARCC courses or is undecided, we recommend selecting Anoka-Ramsey Community College (College Board code-6024) as the recipient.  

    Exam Results:  College Board has indicated exam results will be available to students July 15th at 7am.  

    College Board has been working with colleges and universities throughout this process and is confident that they have their support to accept these shortened exam results as they have in the past.  Students and families should use the AP Credit Policy Search to investigate. 

    REFUNDS for students who choose NOT to take an exam:  College Board has assured us that there will not be any fees applied for students who cancel an AP exam.  We will wait until the end of June when AP testing has completed to determine who has not participated and will begin processing refunds after that.  Refund checks will be mailed home to families in July. 

    If you have questions, contact your AP teacher or