Advanced Placement

  • 2022 Advanced Placement (AP) Exams



    Beginning July 5th 2022, AP exam scores will be released.  Students can access and view their AP scores and order additional score reports for colleges, universities, and scholarship programs by logging into their online student College Board account at

    Additional information about AP exam scores can also be found on the College Board website.

    Students will be able to:

    • View, download, and print their scores.
    • Send scores electronically to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs.
      • The deadline for students to designate one free score report recipient in their MyAP account is June 20th. 
        • College Board will charge a fee for students to send score reports to additional colleges. The additional score reports will cost $15 for regular processing and $25 for rush processing.
        • The additional score report fee can be paid by credit card.  To pay by check or money order students can mail a written request to AP Services.
      • Review and track their cumulative score report and the status of all orders, which includes scores from all AP Exams they’ve ever taken, unless they’ve canceled or withheld scores.

    Helpful Tips:

    1. Students will need to use their College Board account in order to access their AP scores online at  Students should sign in with the same account they used to register and enroll in their AP class sections.
    2. If a student has forgotten their username or password, they can select the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” links and an email will be sent with their login information. 
    3. Students should not create a new account if they already have one. Duplicate accounts can cause delays in getting AP scores.
    4. If a student changes their email address, it’s important to update it in their College Board account.

    About Sending AP Scores

    Students may indicate one college, university, or scholarship program to receive a FREE copy of their AP score report.   June 20 is the deadline for students to indicate the recipient of their free score report through My AP.

    To do this, students must:

    1. Sign in to My AP.
    2. Go to MyAP Profile
    3. Click the Score Send tab.
    4. Enter the college, university, or scholarship program, select it, and click Save.

    The score report includes all scores from all the AP Exams students took in the past. The entire score history will be sent to the  designated college, university, or scholarship program unless a student chooses to withhold or cancel any of their scores.

    Students can request a score report be sent to additional recipients for a fee. For more information, visit the College Board Send AP Scores Online webpage or contact College Board at 888-225-5427.

    College Board Student Account Help - help for signing in to a student College Board account 

    If you have questions, you may also contact the district Assessment office at