Life Skills Transition

  • Life Skills Transition

    Anna Nitti and Brenda Foley


    Course Description: This course incorporates state standards in reading, writing and math within the transition domains of post secondary education, employment and independent living skills.  While this course will address the first two domains, the focus will be on the attainment of independent living skills.  The course allows for  multiple “hands on” opportunities in a variety of settings.  Students will have access to Cub Foods, our Prep kitchen and the classroom.  The course is designed with a spiral teaching method.  Skills are taught in small steps; adding more depth and requiring more independence as the student gains success.  Additionally, the course will address self advocacy, social skills, communication and personal management in the area of using technology.


    Learner Outcomes


    Be able to make sound shopping decisions

    Figure the final cost of items, know what is taxed, estimate the cost of items, be able to stay in a small budget, compare items, use coupons, figure percent off


    Write effectively for a variety of situations

    Write thank you notes, ask for time off, take a phone message, write an effective facebook post, keep a reflection journal of learning


    Be able to manage oneself in a home environment

    Plan and prepare simple meals in a safe manner

    Understand how to read  laundry, medicine, nutrition or cleaning product labels.


    Be able to express oneself in a positive and effective manner

    Keep a personal journal

    Understand boundaries using the Circles curriculum


    Be able to use technology effectively

    Effectively use a google calendar, email, and various google docs


    Be able to increase skills with a personal goal

    Individual IEP objectives will also be addressed