Service Learning

  • Service Learning District Service Learning Vision

    Every student will benefit from multiple Service Learning experiences at all levels of their education. Service Learning will be engaged as a strategy that supports all elements of Mounds View's PK-14 pathway to post-secondary success and Educational Equity Promise, directly supporting elementary student connection, middle school STEAM, and high school student leadership initiatives.

    Definition of Service Learning

    Service learning is a project-based teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful service to the local civic and school community with standards-aligned instruction and formative reflection to enrich learning experiences, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen the partnership between schools and their communities.

    Benefits of Service Learning

    A strong body of research shows that Service Learning helps student feel connected to their schools and local community, and better engages students with their academic mission than more traditional, classroom-centered strategies.
    Students better retain what they learn during service learning projects, because Service Learning focuses on real community problems and relationships as a vehicle for standards-based learning.  Students, especially at-risk students, engage with learning better through Service Learning because they can see the real impacts of their learning on real problems in real time.

    Service Learning, with its emphasis on cooperative student groups, project-based learning, critical thinking and analysis, strategic planning and personal reflection on learning, is uniquely suited to support Mounds View's STEAM initiative, as such skills are key for success in Early College, in post-secondary study, and in the 21st Century workplace.
    Service Learning demonstrates staff and student commitment to the community through active and sustainable partnerships with the community, which tend to produce better outcomes than more casual and intermittent service or "charity" relationships. 

    Mounds View School District students have partnered with:

    • Presbyterian Senior Homes, around issues of elder care and oral history, reinforcing elementary writing, communication and music skills.
    • H2O for Life, a non-profit supporting quality water access in Africa and other developing countries, reinforcing student study of ecology, poverty, nutrition and biology.
    • Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, supporting student study of nutrition, economics, social studies, and the arts, and culminating each year in our district-wide benefit project for the food shelf.
    • Numerous student-to-student mentoring and tutoring relationships within the district, and our number one Service Learning priority for expansion.
    • Humane Society, supporting biology and writing study at elementary schools.
    • MN DNR, Mill City Museum, MN State Parks, Cummins Power Generation, 3M and others, all in support of STEAM projects.

    For more information on service learning, contact:

    Greg Herder
    Service Learning Facilitator