English Language Learners

  • English Learner (EL) Program

    English Learner (EL) is a program that provides English language instruction for students whose first language is not English. The purpose of the EL program is to bring students’ English language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to an academic level where they are similar to their peers in general education classrooms.

    How are children identified as English Learners (EL)?

    All families that enroll a student in Mounds View Public Schools complete a Home Language Questionnaire. If a family’s home language is other than English, the student will be assessed with the W-APT (entrance assessment) to determine if the student qualifies for English learner instruction. If a student qualifies for services, a Parent Notification Letter is sent home.

    Where do EL students receive services?

    EL students receive most of their instruction in general education classes.  Several instructional models are designed to provide service dependent on the student need.  EL teachers provide the following services:

    • General Ed and EL teacher work together in the classroom to teach language development in content areas, accommodate student needs, and differentiate according to student need
    • On-going consultation with general Ed teacher by EL teacher
    • Pull-out small groups or individuals as needed by EL teacher

    Who can I contact with additional questions and/or for additional information?

    Please contact your child's teacher or District Liaison.

    EL Teacher Contact Information

    District Liaisons are available for any interpreting and translation needs.  For any additional interpreting needs, please contact your child's school.

  • Integration and Equity Liaisons 

    District integration and equity liaisons are available for translations and to work with District families to meet the educational and cultural needs of students and families. District liaisons host cultural activities and events throughout the year and aim to assist students in attaining academic success.
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Ali Ali

Integration and Equity Liaison

Somali Liaison

Haddi aad ubaahantahay faahfaahin dheerad ah ama turjumaad, fadlan kala soo xiriir Ali Ali. 
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Angel Toro

Integration and Equity Liaison

Spanish/Latino/Hispanic Liaison

Para asistencia en traducciones ó ayuda como intérprete, por favor comuníquese con Angel Toro. 
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Mee Yang

Integration and Equity Liaison

Hmong/Asian Liaison

Yog xa tau kev pab thiab hais ua lus Hmoob thov hu rau Mee Yang. 

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