• Benefits of good nutrition:

    • Good nutrition is linked to better learning. Studies suggest healthy eating helps students achieve their full academic potential.
    • Good nutrition is associated with decreased discipline and emotional problems.
    • Nutrition education and high quality meals can instill healthy eating habits that can improve health for a life time. 
    • Nutritious eating may reduce the risk for several health problems currently affecting children including weight concerns, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

    Feeding an athlete: 

    Too often, kids are rewarded after participating in a sporting event with high-calorie, low-nutrient foods like candy, cookies and sugary drinks. This sets a bad example for sports nutrition. The following resources are available:

    Healthy snack ideas: 

    Parents, teachers and after-school care providers can support lifelong healthy eating habits by ensuring that healthy snacks are available for growing children during regular snack times. The following resources are available:

    Food Portions and labels: 

    Over the years portion sizes have more than doubled in restaurants and snack foods – our food portions have truly become “super-sized” without our even noticing. The following resources are available: 

    Nutrition Hot Links: 

    Web site resources:

    Other resources: