School Board meeting summary, March 10, 2015

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    Enrollment update
    Carole Nielsen, director of finance, and Cindy Fyle, executive assistant to finance, provided an overview of the District's enrollment and presented projected fall enrollment totals. Enrollment reports show second semester 2014-2015 enrollment totals of 10,484 as compared to enrollment of 10,511 at the start of the school year. For details, and to view enrollment projections for 2015-2016, please click here.
    Summer projects
    John Ward, director of human resources and operations, discussed upcoming summer construction projects including upgrades at Mounds View High School, re-roofing at Turtle Lake Elementary School and various maintenance projects at schools District-wide.
    Summer programs
    Rick Spicuzza, deputy superintendent, and Gretchen Zahn, curriculum coordinator, provided an overview of plans for 2015 summer programs. For a list of summer programs and registration information, visit the summer programs page at

    K-8 science review
    In an ongoing effort to fufill the District's Equity Promise, curriculum and content areas are routinely reviewed. Over the past two years, work has been done to create a coherent alignment for K-8 science instruction and to clearly articuluate the Roadmap to Post-Secondary Success as it relates to science. Gretchen Zahn, and middle school science teachers Christine Warden (Chippewa), Nathan Johnson (Edgewood) and Mike Miller (Highview), provided an update on the progress being made to provide clarity around priotity standards, assessments, placement criteria and core resources for science. To watch the Board presentation, click here and find the coordinating Board agenda item in the bookmarks section. 
    The Board provided AMSD/legislative updates and 916 updates.
    Thank you
    The Board accepted, with appreciation, gifts from Target Take Charge of Education, Wells Fargo Foundation, Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign, Medtronic YourCause LLC, Mounds View Schools Education Foundation, Martha Wikert, Denise & David Pask, Jeff & Mary Sanders, Jeffrey Niblack and Julie Rodman. 
    A look ahead
    April 2, 6 p.m., work session
    April 14, 7 p.m., regular meeting
    April 28, 7 p.m., regular meeting