School Board meeting summary, October 21, 2014

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    Teacher Development Appraisal Process
    Mounds View Public Schools has implemented a teacher appraisal system to meet the requirements of the new Minnesota State Statute that went into effect this year. The plan was developed by the Mounds View Teacher Appraisal Task Force during the 2012-2013 school year. The plan promotes teacher growth and development through collaboration within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and this work is linked to appraisal. Angie Peschel, director of curriculum and instruction, presented a report outlining the Teacher Development Appraisal Process (TDAP).

    Assessment results
    Mary Roden, assistant director of assessment, presented a report on the 2013-2014 student achievement results including data from NWEA Measure of Academic Progress, Minnesota Assessments: MCA-II & GRAD, and ACT. For more information please click here.

    Instructional technology 
    Karl Brown, director of community education and technology, and Gretchen Zahn, curriculum coordinator, provided information on the District's Operational Plan goals to support high-quality instruction through the use of technology. A strategy of the goal is to increase student access to devices. Over the summer and beginning of the school year, 77 classroom sets of Chromebooks and carts were purchased, configured and deployed to 6-8 classrooms per school. The teachers receiving the carts were selected by their principals and became part of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that will train and support teachers in their use of the devices. For more information, click on agenda item 4.3 in the bookmarks section here.

    Start times
    Board policy EG-0106 requires a review of school start times. The Board discussed the research that has been conducted and the criteria that have been developed to inform a conclusion. Criteria include the medical evidence of health benefits to teens, the importance of student achievement and connectedness, the impact of start times on families and the community, and the financial impact to the District. Through its discussion, the Board concluded it would not take action to alter the existing school start times. To view the Board's full discussion, please click on agenda item 4.4 in the bookmarks section here.

    Quarterly budget reports and amendments
    Carole Nielsen provided revenue and expenditure reports for all funds for the first quarter ending September 30, 2014. Both revenues and expenditures are within budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 and are very comparable to this time last year. Nielsen also reported on the quarterly budget amendments. As additional budgetary information becomes known, it is necessary to amend the District's budgets to reflect those changes. Budget amendments include revenue and expense updates for building generated funds,co-curricular and increased enrollments. The Board approved the budget amendments as presented at the meeting. For details, please visit the Budgets & Finance page at

    The Board discussed issues and updates related to AMSD and Northeast Metro 916.

    Thank you
    The Board accepted, with appreciation, gifts from James & Katherine Johnson, Ruby Marvin, Pot Belly Restaurant, Wells Fargo Foundation, Jennifer Bona, Trica Otto, Marcia Kaasa, Kevin O'Toole, Target Take Charge of Education, James Bernard Family, Medtronic Foundation, Renee Miller, Charlotte Donahue, Denise Pech, Diane Zinda, Cathy Pliseck, Lara Bronson and Christ the King Lutheran Church.

    A look ahead
    November 6, 6 p.m., work session
    November 18, 7 p.m., regular meeting