MN Student Survey

  • 2019 Minnesota Student Survey

    Our school district is inviting students in the 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th grades to participate in the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey (MSS).

    Mounds View Schools will administer the MSS on selected dates during the testing window January 22 – February 8, 2018.

    Mounds View Schools Minnesota Student Survey Administration Dates

    Questions on the survey are about many topics relating to young people’s lives. The survey asks about

    • how well school is going
    • future plans
    • out-of-school activities
    • physical and mental health
    • relationships
    • substance use
    • sexual behavior (high school students only)

    This survey has been conducted in schools across our state every three years since 1989. This useful information about students’ thoughts and behaviors helps communities and schools develop effective programs and provide better services for students.

    The survey is administered online. Students may read the questions or have the questions read to them through the technology they use to access the survey.

    The survey will take approximately 35-50 minutes or one class period to complete including time for providing instructions to students. Several questions will only be shown if a previous question is answered in a certain way. This means most students will not be asked all questions.

    Families are welcome to review a copy of the survey at

    The survey is anonymous and confidential. The privacy of students is protected, as students do not provide their names, student identification numbers or other personal information. No individuals or their families can be identified.  The results are reported on our students as a whole.   

    During the survey administration, students may decline to answer any part of the survey or the whole survey.  They will be reminded of this before they begin the survey.

    Should a family choose not to have their student take the survey, please complete the bottom of Mounds View MSS Parent Letter and return the letter directly to the student’s school, prior to January 22, 2019.  

    For additional support in accessing the Minnesota Student Survey or if you have any questions about the survey, please contact:

    Mary Stobb

    Mounds View Schools Assistant Director of Assessment /Evaluation


    Additional information is also available on the Minnesota Department of Education website at