• How much practice should my child be doing?

    All orchestra students should practice 15 minutes, six days a week. This total of 90 minutes can be done however it works into the student's schedule. Small amounts of time are easier on the a child's muscles and focus ability.

    Can my child practice more then 90 minutes?

    Yes! Some weeks your child may have more time to practice, that is fine. There will also be weeks when there is not enough time to practice. Help your child find time when there is a busy week.

    When should my child turn in their practice sheet?

    All practice sheets should be turned in every week at the small group lesson. There is an orchestra practice sheet where time is recorded during the week. Parents need to sign this sheet weekly.

    Please help your child keep an accurate recording of their practice time. They will be earning practice reward tickets for every half hour they practice. I want to make sure all students earn their reward.

Practice Sheet

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