• COMPASS Class Syllabus

    Class Description:

    COMPASS focuses on increasing social thinking in the areas self-awareness, relationships, communication, problem solving and perspective-taking skills for students who struggle in this area. This class also focuses on organization.

    Grading Policy:

    Students earn 20 points per day for part of their grade. Points are earned as follows:

    • 5-Morning Check-in
    • 5-Planner
    • 5-Behavior
    • 5-Participation
    • Students will earn a letter grade for this class
    • 90-100% = A
    • 80-89% = B
    • 70-79% = C

    Additionally, students will have weekly homework (Homelinks) worth 10 points each. Some classroom assignments and activities will also go into the grade book.

    Materials needed for class:

    Every day students must bring a planner and a pencil to class.

    Because organization is a key component that is being taught to the students in COMPASS, I highly encourage you to check and initial their planner each night.

    It is my goal to have each student independently completing their planner for all 7 of their classes each day.