Technology Department

  • Mounds View Public Schools is committed to implementing technologies that best align with instructional needs. The Office of Technology promotes and supports classroom innovation and technology integration and is responsible for the maintenance of technology systems District-wide. The Technology Department oversees the student record keeping system as well as the parent portal that makes student information accessible to families. 

    Student Data Privacy

    Whom to contact

    Technology support is provided to teachers, staff and administrators District-wide using an internal support line. Staff in need of support should dial extension 5000 from within the District.  

    651-621-7300 - this is the number for Staff to call from off-site to access the helpdesk.

    651-621-7387 - this is the number for students to call to access the helpdesk.  Families can also access the technology support website here.

    Families in need of SchoolView support, should contact the front office at their student’s school. 

    Sales calls should be directed to

Technology Staff

  • Penny Pease
    Penny Pease
    Doug Erickson
    Doug Erickson
    Susan Herder
    Susan Herder
    Joseph Hughes
    Joseph Hughes
    David Janssen
    David Janssen
    Mark Kowalke
    Mark Kowalke
    Kathryn Lampi
    Kathryn Lampi
    Kim Landes
    Kim Landes
    Christopher Mulkey
    Christopher Mulkey
    Cris Murphy
    Cris Murphy
    Ryan Pomraning
    Ryan Pomraning
    Nathan Roden
    Nathan Roden
    Adam Sanasac
    Adam Sanasac
    Diane Snuggerud
    Diane Snuggerud
    Joshua Squires
    Joshua Squires
    Bev Tri
    Bev Tri
    Administrative Assistant
    Pam Vincent
    Pam Vincent
    Sue Wendt
    Sue Wendt
  • Eric Tell
    Eric Tell
    District Center Technology Specialist