2021 Summer Twins Performance (September 29)

  • 5th Grade Summer Orchestra

    MN Twins Performance on Wednesday, Sept. 29

    Bring your instrument to school on Wednesday, September 15 & 22.  Time TBD. 

    We’ll tune and rehearse Star Spangled Banner. Time is TBD.  Meet in the orchestra lesson room 148.


    MN Twins Performance Information

    -Star Spangled Banner is to be memorized (NO Music stands!!)

    -Bring tickets (You can not enter the field in order to perform without one!)

    -Wear Summer Orchestra t-shirts!!

    -Bring Rock Stops/Shoulder pads (Cellos/basses will not be allowed on the field without them!!!)

    -Charter bus leaves from Irondale High School - Report by 4:30 PM, depart at 4:45 PM (if you are late, please meet us at Target Field 

    (Bus transportation is provided only if you signed up during summer orchestra)

    -If arranging your own transportation - Meet OUTSIDE Gate 6 at 5:00-5:15 PM at Target Field (please allow extra time for arrival due to rush hour)

    -Students will receive name tags before entering security.  We will go through security in groups by school and be brought down to the rehearsal/warm-up area.

    See white information sheet that is handed out with the tickets for more detailed information

    -Emergency Contact Info before trip-  Juli.Vig@moundsviewschools.org